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Upcoming Events
New Town Center Update
April 24, 2019 - 1:00 pm
Our construction plans are moving ahead! Join us at the Sheraton in Rocky Hill to hear the latest developments at Covenant Village of Cromwell. View renderings and learn more about...

Meet the Team!
May 8, 2019 - 10:00 am
Come meet our new Executive Director, Dan Stegbauer and our Director of Facilities and local lead on the expansion project, Michael Hamel. Dan and Michael will give you the latest...


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  • Our Outlook on Wellness
  • Optimizing personal health and vitality is a balancing act. We each harmonize the dimensions of wellness to create a uniquely personal arrangement. At our senior living communities we support efforts to maximize personal well-being.At Covenant Retirement Communities, our LifeConnect wellness partnership helps residents maximize every dimension of wellness. We link residents to the resources and opportunities in our community and the surrounding community that will fulfill their needs, interests and goals.If those opportunities aren't readily available, we partner with the individual to develop them. LifeConnect-our focus on optimizing personal wellness-keeps our communities vibrant and dynamic.

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Featured Floor Plans
Cottage One Bedroom

Floor Plan
1 Bedroom
1 Bath
730 sq. ft.

Hillside Studio

Floor Plan
1 Bedroom
1 Bath
493 sq. ft.

Covenant Retirement Communities
  • Learn more about us
  • Covenant Retirement Communities traces its roots to the Home of Mercy. Opened in Chicago in 1886 as the founding ministry of a church of Swedish immigrants, it was an old-age home, an orphanage and a hospital.

    Since then, the church became the Evangelical Covenant Church, our service parent. The service to senior adults became Covenant Retirement Communities.

    Now, more than a century later, the covenant of service kindled on the streets of Chicago burns brightly across the country. We welcome those of all faiths and those who do not embrace a faith.

    What we do—our mission

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